Top 10 Funny Cures/Treatment of Coronavirus | False claims

Top 10 Funny cures of coronavirus

What could possibly be funny about a global pandemic which has swept across the globe at breakneck speed?  Scientists from around the world have not yet been able to identify the vaccine to cure it. But there are some people who are coming up with hilarious kind of Cures for Coronavirus. And they are not just normal people, they are mostly public figures. Theses unusual treatments are not going to help in coronavirus but they will definitely make you laugh.

Let’s take a look at these hand-picked Top 10 Funny cures/treatment for Coronavirus-

1.Applying violet leaf oil to the anus

funny coronavirus treatmentAbbas Tabrizian, known as “the father of Islamic medicine of Iran”, declared a new method to “cure” the Coronavirus. Tabrizian used social media to unveil this hilarious method to treat coronavirus patients and wrote: “Before sleeping, put a cotton ball dipped in violet oil to the anus.”

2.Inject yourself with Disinfectant or use Ultraviolet rays

Trump's funny treatment for corona-inject yourself with disinfectant

Donald Trump suggested that disinfectants like bleach or rubbing alcohol could be injected into the body to kill the coronavirus.  The next day when a reporter asked Trump about the disinfectant, he said: “I was asking the question sarcastically to reporters like you, just to see what would happen”. He claimed his comments were misconstrued and he was actually being sarcastic. How can one be sarcastic in such a serious time?

3. Drink Cow urine and ward off Coronavirus

cow urine will treat coronavirus, that's funny.

Congress MLA Babu Jandel released one video and said “I am saying with guarantee that the coronavirus will be 10 steps away from the person who takes the Cow urine”.Scientists from all over the world are unable to find a cure for coronavirus and he is giving guarantee, that’s funny. He is not the only one who claimed this cure, there are so many out there. Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha organised a Gaumutra(Cow urine) party to promote this cure. After this news went viral, some cattle farmers started selling cow urine at 500Rs/Liter. And made a profit out of coronavirus. At least someone has benefitted.

4. Corona Baba have a cure for this deadly virus, that too in 11Rs

Corona baba have funny treatment for coronavirus

Corona Baba was claiming that he had a cure for Corona Virus. He had been selling talisman(Tabeez) for just 11Rs claiming to cure coronavirus. The alleged Corona wale baba, who made Corona virus a source of income, was arrested by the police.

5.Weed Kill Coronavirus (Funny cure for coronavirus)

weed can treat coronavirus, good joke.

What will happen when a movie director becomes a scientist? This can leads to the legalization of Marijuana in India. Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri tweeted that cannabis is a magical plant and it can kill coronavirus. He ended his tweet with the following appeal: “Make cannabis legal.” There is no evidence that cannabis (hemp plants) can have any effect on coronavirus infections.”  Don’t know about its curing properties but it is definitely magical. People start talking rubbish as soon as they smoke it.

6. Pakistani doctor’s commando kicks and kalauji can keep corona at bay

A doctor in Pakistan is confident that his remedies can protect you from coronavirus.  In a hilarious video, the doctor is explaining the ways one can prevent one from getting infected with the virus. His tips include consuming Kalaunji seeds 4-6 times daily. Apart from the kalaunji one can include, he also displayed his special ‘commando moves’ to tackle coronavirus.  “Corona ki aisi ki taisi ,” he says and showed his high kicks and jumps. This doctor should definitely try in movies maybe be get some role in Baahgi 4.

7.Magical Cure for coronavirus- Cow Dung

eating cow dung is funny cure of coronavirus


BJP MLA Suman Haripriya suggested a bizarre remedy for the infection, saying that cow dung could be used to treat the deadly virus. After this claim, a milk vendor has set up a roadside shop to sell cow dung at Rs 500 a kilo. Cow dung can’t cure coronavirus but it can definitely give some profit to milk vendors.

8.Just ask corona to go. And it will leave us

In this video Ramdas Athawale raised the slogan “go corona go”. When the government is appealing to people to stay at home, Union minister Athawale is appealing coronavirus (COVID-19) to go. It is a mystery how the slogan “go corona go” will help in the efforts to cure coronavirus. But this video with a peculiar slogan will definitely make you laugh.

9.Pigeon vs Bats (Top funny cure for coronavirus)

A Pakistani baba in the above video is claiming that eating pigeon can cure coronavirus. There is no proven evidence that pigeon can cure the Covid-19. But this baba feels that a disease that has come from birds(Bats) can only be cured by birds(Pigeon). 


Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy in a press conference said that have a paracetamol and you will be absolutely fine. Don’t you think he should be in medical books?

Hope you have a good time reading “Top 10 funny cures/treatment for coronavirus (CO-VID19)”

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