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Top 10 Most Read Hindi Mgazines In India

*In this article you will find out about Top 10 Hindi Magazines In India,Best Hindi magazines in India. And if you are a lady than you are at the right place because here you will get to know about best Hindi magazines for ladies and Hindi Magazines Names.

As time is passing, people are moving towards online publications and are getting away from printed publications. But there are still some people who like to read printed magazines only.  The credit of this goes to some of the selected magazines which have left such an impression on their readers that they don’t want to part from them.

Just like there are different music genres , there are numerous genres in magazine industry too.  There are fashion magazines, sports magazines, technology magazine, automobile magazines, fitness magazines and many more. It depends on one’s personal interest which one he wants to read.Magazines are very attractive piece of printed publication. Amazing photographs, valuable practices and informative articles makes magazines very addictive. This is why some people don’t miss any issue of their favorite magazine. Some like to  read magazine while traveling and some like it with a morning tea. If you read magazines then it’s awesome, and if you don’t then we are providing you the list of Top 10 Most Read Magazines in India, pick one and start reading it.

*We are using Total Readership as a factor to rank the magazines.  IRS 2019 data is used for this.

1. India Today

india today is in top 10 hindi magazines in india

  • Total Readership -28835000(>2.8 Crore)
  • Started In-1975
  • Founder-Vidya Vilas Purie
  • Frequency-Weekly
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-2599 Rs
  • Languages-Hindi,English, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu
  • Publisher-Living Media India Limited
  • Headoffice-Noida
  • Official Website

The magazine centers around governmental issues and current issues and furthermore presents a balanced point of view on an assortment of subjects – be it the economy, legislative issues, way of life, expressions of the human experience, diversion, travel, science, innovation or wellbeing. An experienced and talented team of editors, journalists, photographers and designers at India Today maintains the highest standards of journalism in the country. ( India today is the  number one magazine among top 10 magazines in india)

2.Samanya Gyan Darpan

  • Total Readership -26781000(>2.6 Crore)
  • Frequency-Monthly
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-635 Rs
  • Languages-Hindi
  • Publisher-Upkaar Prakashan
  • Headoffice-Agra

It is first profession advancement magazine. This magazine is perfect for those who want to paramount the competitive exams.It is a pioneer magazine in the field of general knowledge. And it is very popular general awareness magazine in India

In this magazine, one can get an overview of recent activities in domestic and worldwide locales. It is helpful for those who are seeking government jobs. Solved question paper of government competitive exams are also provided in this magazine for convenience of job aspirants. This magazine helps in career development and provide youth the correct guidance.

3.Pratiyogita Darpan

  • Total Readership -23182000(>2.3 Crore)
  • Started In-1978
  • Founder-Dhananjay Mungeshpuriya
  • Frequency-Monthly
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-725 Rs
  • Languages-Hindi and English
  • Publisher-Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Headoffice-Agra
  • Official Website

It is a widely read and well known magazine for exams  and covers wide areas from current affairs, economy, geography, history, legislative issues and constitution of India. Pratiyogita Darpan, is the most loved magazine of the young and in fact India’s Largest read competetion magazine . The magazine offers exhaustive perusing material for aspirants of competitive examinations  like SSC, UGC NET, RRB, IBPS, UPSC etc.

In 1970’s, India was going through a difficult phase, common man didn’t have enough money to buy and read magazine. Only upper middle class can afford to buy stuff like that.

This is the reason why  market was completely ruled by English magazines and for all intents and purposes there was no space for making entry in Hindi. But this magazine provided useful, relevant and authentic text and proved itself to be worthy of buying. It gave a feeling of having a place, inspiration and motivation to the Hindi medium youth competitors. It has silently progressed in the direction of making awareness among the Hindi speaking youth.

4. Meri Saheli

meri saheli is the best hindi magazine in india

  • Total Readership -16737000(>1.6 Crore)
  • Started In-1987
  • Frequency-Monthly
  • Founder-Hema Malini
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-1200 Rs
  • Languages-Hindi
  • Publisher-Pioneer Book Company Private Limited
  • Headoffice-Mumbai
  • Official Website

This magazine is led by veteran actress and our dream girl , Hema Malini.The magazine urges ladies to follow their fantasies and grasp their unique jobs with enthusiasm. And as its name indicate (My Friend ), It guide ladies to evolve with time just like a true friend. The aim of this magazine is to  give a confident and happy life to Indian women.As the need of women changed with time, it has also changed itself with time.

When it started, its main focus was on beauty, fashion and relationship. But now to empower the women it also focus on careers, education and finance. It urges them to embrace new ideas and concepts, without compromising on our culture’s good values and rich traditions.

5. Bal Bhaskar

bal bhaskar

  • Total Readership -14847000(>1.4 Crore)
  • Started In-2004
  • Frequency-Every 2 Weeks
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-Free(Comes with Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper))
  • Languages-Hindi, Gujrati and Marathi
  • Publisher-Dainik Bhaskar Group
  • Headoffice-Bhopal

Bal Bhaskar is the favourite magazine of Indian kids. It presents jokes, stories with pictures for the children.  Pictures, short stories, and activities which are provided in this magazine can open the door for even the most reluctant readers. Bal Bhaskar is used by kids to relax from studies. It shares funny and educational stories with children which are nicely illustrated with cartoons. Along with the stories each issue is packed with lots of contests, fun facts and compelling visuals. Puzzles are also provided in this magazine which are helpful for children to increase their reasoning ability and IQ.


champak is in top 10 hindi magazines in india

  • Total Readership -13510000(>1.3 Crore)
  • Started In-1969
  • Frequency-Twice a Month
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-840 Rs
  • Languages-English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu
  • Publisher-Delhi Press Group
  • Headoffice-Delhi

This magazine is very popular among Children. Champak have everything which a child wants to read like comic strips, short stories, puzzles, brain teasers and jokes that sets the child’s imagination free.  There are generations that have grown reading this magazine. If you are a 90’s kid then you must have read it, if not, then you must have heard about it. Most of the characters used in its stories are animals. Some characters of this magazine are very famous like Clever Cheeku the rabbit, Meeku the mouse etc.

The stories which are given in this magazine are extremely fascinating. It will leave a deep print on your mind and impart you with knowledge that will cherish you for years. To increase the involvement of kids , Champak conducts story writing contest for children under 12 year age. The final round is held in Delhi. Story which win the contest, get published in this legendary magazine.

*We hope you are like reading this article about Top 10 Hindi Magazines In India,Best Hindi magazines in India. Hey ladies have you selected  any magazine from best Hindi magazines for ladies. If not then keep scrolling you will find one.

7.Grih Shobha

grih shobha

  • Total Readership -12438000(>1.2 Crore)
  • Started In-1979
  • Frequency-Bi-Weekly
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-1200 Rs
  • Languages-Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.
  • Publisher-Delhi Press Group
  • Headoffice-Delhi

The magazine centres around ladies’ issues, and regularly includes suggestive short stories, design, plans, counsel sections, and remarks on socialites and recent developments. You will get a lots of articles in this magazine highlighting on interior decoration, dress designing, housekeeping, cookery, beauty care, hobbies and handicraft. Each issue comes with some stories on relationships which women love the most about this magazine. This is one of the boldest magazine as it touch upon those social cultural issues that are taboo in our society, which no one dare to write on.

Those women who are regular reader of Grih Shobha claims that this magazine prepare them to make right choices.It is one of the most widely read women’s magazines in Marathi and Gujarati and Kannada.

8.Cricket Today

Cricket Today is in top 10 hindi magazines in india

  • Total Readership -11630000(>1.1 Crore)
  • First Issue-2003
  • Frequency-Monthly
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-425 Rs
  • Languages-Hindi and English
  • Publisher-Diamond Magazines
  • Headoffice-New Delhi

As you may have found out by reading the name, it is a cricket magazine. From Ranji to IPL and from World Cup to Test Cricket, this magazine cover all the cricket matches. This magazine includes cricket news, News about cricket player personal lives and live ball to ball coverage of all test and international cricket matches. All the article of this magazine is written either by former cricket players or by cricket experts. Those who are crazy for cricket, know the importance of this magazine. This magazine became the integral part of their lives.


sakhi is in top 10 hindi magazines in india

  • Total Readership -10219000(>1.0 Crore)
  • Frequency-Monthly
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-960 Rs
  • Languages-Hindi
  • Publisher-Jagran Publications
  • Headoffice-New Delhi

Sakhi is a top notch ladies’ magazine focused at upwardly versatile and active ladies in the upper middle class families. Readers of The Sakhi magazine retain their cultural values but are contemporary and modern in her outlook. This magazine keeps reminding theirs reader, what is the role of women in the modern world. Articles of this magazine beautifully explain how a woman can adapt with the changing time. With each issue it gives a real story of a inspiring women which motivate the women to do something out of the way.


sarita magazine

  • Total Readership -10218600(>1.0 Crore)
  • Frequency-Bi-Weekly
  • 1 Year Subscription Price-1200 Rs
  • Languages-Hindi
  • Publisher-Delhi Press Group
  • Headoffice-New Delhi

Sarita magazine targets the women of our country.It has a voice for women’s issues, governmental issues, , social issues, and a ton of different things that encompass the life of Indian women. This magazine is known for its freshness in its essay and articles.Since its first issue, Sarita has kept up a strong position on issues of national significance and has been at the bleeding edge of a campaign against eve teasers.

Main aim of Delhi press group of launching this magazine is to remove the superstitions, stereotypes and hypocrisy spread in the society. And if its readers are to be believed then it has been successful to a great extent in that.

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