Top 10 Handsome Punjabi Singers | Punjabi singers with Killer Looks

Top 10 Most Handsome Punjabi Singers

Punjabi Music Industry is changing with a fast pace. Earlier only good music was enough to make any song hit. But nowadays a good music video along with good music is required to make a song hit.  The Music video should be shot in a good location and singer should look very handsome , so that the song look appealing. This is why Punjabi singers have to pay a lot of attention to their look. All the Punjabi singers are  handsome but there are some who are just a class above in the looks department.  Being handsome doesn’t means  having a good looking face only but rather it’s about personality, Body, Voice, looks, dressing sense and appeal. Keeping all these factors into mind, today we are going to rank Top 10 Handsome Punjabi Singers.

10.Pav Dharia

Handsome pav dharia
pav dharia
pan dharia cute singer


He is known as the master of contemporary Punjabi music. Pav Dharia is famous for singing sad and romantic songs but he has given us some party songs too. He has given us a lot of hit songs and he is a dream boy for many girls.  With seductive smile and dark brown eyes he  looks just irresistible.  It was a heartbreak for many girls when they heard Pav Dharia is getting married (2019).His good looks are always pleasure to see in music videos. That smile and gothic eyes-this man was sure to have made the list of handsome Punjabi singers.

Relationship Status-Married

Hit Songs-Na Ja, Zindagi Tere Naal, Rim Jhim, Teri Yadan, Bewafa, Nain

Instagram-178k Followers


Ninja handsome singer
ninja good looking singer
ninja the good looking


Ninja has a lot of hit songs to his credit. He is well established and one of the most handsome Punjabi singer right now. But do you know he weighed more than 130kg before he entered music industry. He worked hard for 3 years and today Ninja has muscular body with amazing abs. His melodious voice earned him huge fan following . But it is also truth that his manly jawline manages to get him some extra female fans. Apart from the macho look , this singer has an attractive hairstyle which he hardly changes. Most of you have not met him personally, but if you encountered him anywhere, trust me that you will going to adore him in real life too.

Relationship Status: Married

Hit Songs-Aadat, Oh Kyu Ni Jaan Sake, Roi Na, Kalla Changa, Dil, Thokda Reha

Instagram: 2.6 Millions Followers

8.Mankrit Aulakh

Mankrit Aulakh cute punjabi singer
Mankrit Aulakh handsome punjabi singer
Mankrit Aulakh punjabi singer


This Haryanvi hunk is quite popular for his songs ‘Badnaam’, ‘Gangland’, ‘Gallan Mithiyan’ etc. His wonderful eyes that shines in the edges when he smiles looks phenomenal. Women from around the north India are crazy for his Charming looks and heighted personality. His stubble beard compliments his face and his style is undisputed.  Very few of you know that before joining the music industry he was a wrestler and hockey player.  Even though he left wrestling , he is still in good shape.

Relationship Status-Single

Hit Songs-Badnaam, Gangland, Gallan Mithiyan, Daang, Jugaadi Jatt, Jatt Da Blood

Instagram– 4 Million Followers

7.Jass Manak

Jass manak
Jass manak 3


Jass Manak comes 7th in our list of top 10 handsome Punjabi singer . The charisma which he have is irresistibly attractive to others. With the songs like ‘Lehenga’ and ‘Prada’ he is ruling the hearts of his fans. You cant stop yourself from grooving on the songs by Jass Manak. He is most lovable to college girls due to his charming personality and attractive face.Young girls can do anything to get a glimpse of this young Punjabi blood. With the perfectly lined shave, sexy hairstyle and cool dude personality he could give a tough competition to Bollywood actors any day.

Relationship Status-Single

Hit Songs-Lehenga, Prada, Viah, Girlfriend, Shoot Da Order,Boss, Kali Range

Instagram-4.7 Millions Followers

6.Hardy Sandhu

hardy sandhu
hardy sandhu 2


Hardy Sandhu is quite popular for his songs like Horn Blow, Back bone, Kya Baat Ay etc. He is a stunning darling  with bold appearance that make him 6th most handsome Punjabi singer of this list. The most appealing feature of Hardy Sandhu is his Brown eyes and attractive jawline. In his song ‘Naah’ he is flashing his lean body and sexy abs which can make any girl go crazy for him. He has tried everything from floppy hair to formal side cutting hair and  he looks outstanding always.

Relationship status– In relationship with Zentih Sandhu

Hit Songs:Kya Baat Ay, Backbone,Horn Blow, Soch,Naah, Naah Goriye,Jee kar Da

Instagram:4.6 Million Followers

5.Garry Sandhu

garry sandhu handsome punjabi
garry sandhu singer
garry sandhu 1


Here we are discussing about the handsome Punjabis singers….Right! Than how can we forget about the  tall and charming Garry Sandhu. He is genetically blessed with amazing height and marvellously well-built body. Garry Sandhu has been the part of some movies also. Along with his soulful voice, people are fan of his fashion sense also. His fashion game is so strong that he owns a clothing brand name ‘Fresh’ and it is famous across the Punjab. Because of a good looking heighted personality he made amongst the top 10 most handsome Punjabi singer list.

Relationship status– Once Complicated with Jasmine Sandals, now single.

Hit songs-Illegal weapon, Yeah Baby, Banda Ban Ja,Laddu, Ja Ni Ja

Instagram-3.2 Million Followers

4.Diljeet Dosanjh

Diljeet Dosanjh Cute punjabi singer
Diljeet Dosanjh
Diljeet Dosanjh handsome


Diljit Dosanjh is one of the most well known and without a doubt the most cherished names in the Punjabi music and film industry. The man has won a huge number of hearts with his excellent voice. It is not just his voice that appeal to his fans but his good looks and charming smile. With his cute smile and attractive eyes he can make any girl blush. He use to be a cute munda earlier. But for the Soorma movie he transformed himself from handsome munda to a dashing jatt. Now with the chiselled chest and six pack abs, we have all the reasons to drool over him more.

Relationship Status-Married

Hit Songs-Laembadgini, Proper Patola, Do you Know, Patiala Peg, Raat Di Gedi , Putt jatt da

Instagram: 8.9Million Followers

3.Parmish Verma

Parmish verma punjabi hunk
Parmish verma punjabi handsome
Parmish verma punjabi


Parmish Verma gets the number 3 spot because of his dashing looks and killer body. With only few songs he made his mark in Punjabi Music Industry. His wide chest and macho arms pierce through the shirt and make the young ladies to go Ohhhh!!!   With his  stunning and hot looks, Parmish has also featured in the some movies like Rocky Mental, Singham etc. And if we are talking about Parmish Verma than how can we not mention his epic beard. His beard has become a part of his fashion statement now. With this height and magnificent beard, he looks no less than a informal hunk.

Relationship Status-Single

Hit Songs-Gaal Ni Kadni, Le Chakk Mein Aa Gaya, Sab Fade Jange, Shada

Instagram: 4.7 Million Followers

2.Guru Randhawa

Guru randhawa is the most handsome punjabi singer
Guru randhawa is number 1 most handsome Punjabi singer
Guru randhawa most good looking punjabi singer


Guru Randhawa is one of the most loved Punjabi Singer due to his charming smile and cute face. He has given us so many hit songs and we know his songs keep the party going on. Guru Randhawa is redefining the Bollywood Music with his great music. But only girls know that good music is not the only reason to go crazy for him. With his dashing looks and smart dressing sense, he can make any girl fall in love with him. His popularity is increasing day by day and if he keeps up at this rate, he may become internationally popular.

Relationship Status-Single

Hit Songs-High Rated Gabru, Lahore, Made In India, Ishare Tere, Suit, Patola

Instagram: 18.3 Million Followers

1. Jassi Gill

Jassi gill is in top 10 most handsome punjabi singers list
Jassi gill is the most handsome punjabi singer


We can definitely say that this 31 Year old cute man is the most Handsome Punjabi singer right now. In his older videos, Jassi Gill use to be a cute chubby chocolate boy but now he transformed himself. He is complete hunk now. The lancer boy has a huge fan family. And Its no doubt that his awesome looks also added many female fans to his fan family. Apart from awesome looks and physique he has an attractive hairstyle which is enough making any girl mad. With amazing voice and dashing looks he can give complex to Bollywood hero’s also.

Relationship Status-Married

Hit Songs-Nikle Current, Bapu Zamidar, Nakhre, Guitar Sikhda, Att Kardi, Laden

Instagram: 7.3 Million Followers

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