Sumit Goswami Songs | All About Sumit Goswami, His struggle Story

Sumit Goswami is one of the rising superstars of Haryana. Sumit Goswami songs have changed the face of Haryanvi music and took Haryanvi Music to a different level. He became very popular in no time and you know why.  He is very popular among youngsters because of his peepy music and strong lyrics.

All of you must have listened to Sumit Goswami songs, but how many of you know about his struggle.

Sumit Goswami struggle story

  • Sumit Goswami was fond of singing since childhood,  he also started writing songs when he was in 9th class. But his father was against his singing. Just like any other Indian father he also wanted to make Sumit an engineer.
  • Whenever Sumit Goswami told his father his desire to become a singer, his father used to laugh at him. His father used to tease him by calling Sheikh Chilli (Day Dreamer or Impractical person) and told him to do such work in which there is s0me income. One day Sumit Goswami told his father that he will earn so much money that they have to buy a Cash counting machine.
  • Sumit Obeyed his father wishes and took admission in Polytechnic Engineering College. But  Along with the age, his desire to become a  singer became stronger.
  •  Sumit Goswami released his first song ‘Karobaar’ in January 2018. Which got an average response from the public. This song was released by Sumit Goswami without telling his family.
  • After this song, the family members started appreciating Sumit Goswami’s singing and acting. Even though this song got an average response, but it helped Sumit Goswami to gain his father’s confidence.
  • After completing his college he started working in a private company in night shifts. He worked in the office at night and composed songs during the day. He worked there for 1.5 years.

His hard work paid off 

  • After his first song, he released the audio of his next song “Gangwar with Bawli Tared“. Which got a very good response from the public. Sumit Goswami soon uploaded the video of that song starring Vicky Kajla on Youtube. This song went on to become a super hit. And it did not take long for Sumit Goswami to make a distinct identity in Haryana.

Some interesting facts about Sumit Goswami-

    • Sumit Goswami was a school topper, and he has a very sharp memory.
    • He had a lot of girl fan following when he was in school and college.
    • Sumit Goswami’s grandfather used to compose Raagni in few minutes. He believes that his singing talent has come from his grandfather.
    • His favorite players are Vijender Singh and Geeta Phogat.
    • He loves to play cricket, and he also loves wrestling.
    • You must have heard name Shanky in his songs, Shanky is Sumit’s cousin and he supported him very much.
    • He is from Daulati Village, Sonepat, Haryana.
sumit goswami with his brother shanky goswami
Sumit Goswami with his brother Shanky Goswami

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We salute his hard work and determination, he is an inspiration for all the youngsters. We have compiled an exclusive list of Sumit Goswami Songs for only  you guys. Check out few of his songs and tap your feet and groove to the beat.


No. of songs with more than 100m views but less than 150m

1Yaar Ki Shadi



No. of songs with more than 50m views but less than 100m

1Bawli Tared


Sumit Goswami Hit Songs

No. of songs with more than 20m views but less than 50m

1Yaar Purane
3Private Jet

No. of songs with more than 10m views but less than 20m

1Haryan Ke Chorya Ke Dolya Pe


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