Is Safemoon The Next Doge Coin?

Don’t know about the Dog, but every Doge has its day. And present days are of DOGE HODLERS.  A report revealed that the cryptocurrency increased to nearly 1,900 percent since the start of 2021. Everyone knows that Elon Musk is the reason behind the popularity of this useless coin. He manipulate Doge price because he bought some Doge coin for his son. And now if reports are to be believed he is ready to buy some Safemoon coins for his son. He sent the Doge to the moon, and now we will see what he will do to Safemoon.

safemoon is the dogecoin

Those who don’t know about Safemoon let me tell you,The Safemoon Protocol was launched back on March 8, 2021. According to the Safemoon site, the Safemoon Protocol is a local area driven, reasonable dispatched DeFi token that depends on three fundamental capacities: Reflection(Static Rewards), LP Acquisition, and Burn. The Static Rewards are acquired by individuals when they hold the digital money for extensive stretches of time. The Automatic LP assists with balancing out the cost of the crypto by making a strong value floor. At long last, Safemoon punishes dealers with a 10 percent selling charge which is then distributed among individuals who are holding the crypto. For example, suppose there are only two holders of Safemoon. Both  have Safemoon worth $10. If the first guy sell all his Safemoon coins, than he will get only $9. And because second guy is still holding his Safemoon coins than he will get that $1 as a reward.

The slogan of Safemoon on their Facebook is, ‘Remember, getting to the moon takes time and the longer you hold the more tokens you pick up.’ ‘Going to the Moon’ is a famous expression authored by the WallStreetBets people group on Reddit. Fundamentally, what it implies is, in the event that you purchase crypto or an offer, you should HODL it till its price skyrocket to the Moon.

According to the Safemoon site, the Safemoon Price is 0.000000859 USD at present.

You can buy Safemoon using Trustwallet or Bitmart.

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