Top Jassi Gill Songs | All the Best Songs of Jassi Gill 2020

If you like peepy music , then you must have listened to Jassi Gill Songs. He has the ability to Penn down beautiful lyrics and do a lot of tricks in his songs which make him different. The ‘Lancer ‘ fame singer has also appeared in some Punjabi Movies and showed us his acting skills. Whenever he releases some song, it becomes instant hit, it shows how much people like him and want to listen to his songs. Jassi Gill is really very popular among youngsters because his songs are full of masti and energy.

Fooltop has created a list of  Jassi Gill Hit Songs, so check out some of his songs, and do some masti.


No. of songs with more than 600m views but less than 650m

1  Nikle Current



No. of songs with more than 350m views but less than 400m

1 Bapu Zamidar



No. of songs with more than 150m views but less than 200m

2Guitar Sikhda

Jassi Gill Hit Songs

No. of songs with more than 100m views but less than 150m

2Att Karti

No. of songs with more than 50m views but less than 100m

1Dil Tutda
2Surma Kaala
4Jodi Teri Meri
5Dil Ton Black

No. of songs with more than 20m views but less than 50m

3True Talk
4Teri Ja No Hoyi
5Akhian Ne Rona Oye
6Fer Ohi Hoyea
8Tammana Meri
9Punjabiya Da Nava Tashan
10Yaar Jatt De


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