Top Jass Manak songs | All the Best Songs of Jass Manak

Jass manak has great vocals with good control and projection. He is a very young singer with full of energy. Just listen to any of Jass Manak songs and you will feel his potential and energy.  Therefore he has gained immense fame in a  very short period of time. He has given us a lot of popular songs like ‘Prada’, ‘Lehanga’, ‘Viah’ etc. After his song ‘Lehenga’,  he got a huge girls fan following. While he is enjoying his success, let’s have a look at his hit song list. 

Here we have created a list of Jass Mank songs just for you. This list is based on youtube views, so please don’t mind if your favorite is not on the list. Check out some of his songs and feel the magic.


No. of songs with more than 650m views but less than 700m




No. of songs with more than 550m views but less than 600m




No. of songs with more than 200m views but less than 250m




No. of songs with more than 100m views but less than 150m



Jass Manak Hit Songs

No. of songs with more than 50m views but less than 100m

1Surma Kaala
2Without You

No. of songs with more than 20m views but less than 50m

1Shoot Da Order
2Rabb Wangu
4Tera Mera Viah
5Gal Sun

*Which is your favourite Jass Manak Songs?

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