Diljeet Dosanjh Songs | List of Diljeet Dosanjh Best Songs

Diljeet Dosanjh songs are always catchy and easy to dance on. All the songs have a different story to tell and their videos are candy for eye. We can say he is the best entertainer of  Pollywood(Punjabi Movie industry).  Because he is a good singer, a good dancer and a good actor as well.  Diljeet is also doing a very nice job in Bollywood these days. We got to admit that his singing and acting skills can make him the most sought after person to work within the near future. The most lovable thing about Diljeet is that even after being so popular and commercial, he lends his voice to religious numbers. He has so many hits on his name that’s why we put him in Top 10 Punjabi singers list.

Fooltop has created  Diljit Dosanjh hit songs list as per youtube views for you to enjoy, so don’t mind if your favorite is not on the list. Check out some of his songs from this list and do some dance moves.


No. of songs with more than 250m views but less than 300m



No. of songs with more than 150m views but less than 200m

1Do You Know

Diljeet Dosanjh Big-Hit Songs

No. of songs with more than 100m views but less than 150m

1Patiala Peg
2Raat Di Gedi
35 Taara
4Putt Jatt Da

Diljeet Dosanjh Hit Songs

No. of songs with more than 50m views but less than 100m

1Sauda Khara Khara
3Ki Banu Duniya Da
5Move Your Lakk
6High End
7Din Shagna Da 
9Gulabi Pagg
10Thug Life

No. of songs with more than 20m views but less than 50m

1Happy Birthday
2El Sueno
3Mitran Da Junction
4Proper Patola
5Aaja Phangra Laiye
6Pagg Wala Munda
7Main Deewan Tera
8Ikk Kudi 
9Ho Gaya Talli
11Big Scene
13Jind Mahi
14Aar Nanak Paar Nanak
15I Love U Ji
19Ishq Di Baajiyaan


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